Where we source our goods

In an effort to create brand transparency and build our global network we will update this blog from time to time in order to keep you updated on the inner workings of Dar Sol. After traveling to Morocco for many years and becoming entranced by its unique charm we recently returned from our buying trip to establish the brand. The aim of this blog is to honour the craftsmen and women from whom we buy and to exhibit their portraits and studios as an homage to the remarkable works they produce. As with our entire website we only publish our own original photography and content. 

During our most recent trip we visited ceramic studios in Marrakech and Safi, each time arranging visits to meet the artisans and better understand their working process. In doing so we were able to see their designs come to life and immerse ourselves in the ancient skill of pottery making.  

On the same trip we also traveled to the High Atlas mountains to source our rug collection. Here we met with a local co-operative whose aim was to establish greater payment equality for the Berber women who spend their winters hand weaving the wool rugs we are able to sell here. The process of empowering local communities is a fundamental aspect of our business and allows us to sell our product ethically here in Europe

While there we were surrounded by breathtaking landscapes as seen in the photos below. Despite the summer heat there were still a few snow capped mountains towering above the picturesque landscape. 

Ceramic artist Ceramic studio

Ceramics going in to the Kiln

Painted ceramics prepare for the Kiln

Ceramics resting in the shade

Rug shopping in the high Atlas mountains

High Atlas mountains

Community in the high Atlas mountainsTerrace in the high Atlas mountains

Ceramic cup


High Atlas village

High Atlas mountains

Walking locals