Fine Art Photography


These stunning photographs are the intuitive result of two years of travel to Morocco; and specifically, to El Bahia Palace in Marrakesh and the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. Much like a compass might guide a nomadic traveler, these sites have drawn Daniel to them.

This project makes absolutely no comment on religion or politics; it simply seeks to display and share something of the beauty and grace of the Arab aesthetic. Nothing in his former experience however, had prepared him for his first encounter with the Mosques of Morocco and the Middle East. Overwhelmed by the elegant arches and charming riads, ornately decorated with tiles, mosaics and engraving from floor to ceiling, Daniel has developed a profound passion for the complex language of this architecture.

A key element within Daniel’s work is to seek out silence in the midst of opulence; what remains hidden in the shadows is equally as important to him as the brightly illuminated, sun filled spaces. In this work, he sees his role as akin to that of the author, writing with light; seeking out moments, vignettes and captivating stillness. His finely tuned photographer’s eye leads him in search of the perfect image, much like an intrepid pilgrim. 


Please view the portfolio by clicking these images. 

The printing format is of the highest quality. Produced in Dublin by The Copper House on Synge Street, the photographs are printed on private-label fine art Hahnemühle paper. This paper is synonymous with excellence, and the premium-coated paper is favoured by some of the world’s most talented artists. The fine art print is embedded beneath a layer of UV protected and scratch resistant acrylic. Once completed the acrylic print is sunken within a handmade timber frame, which has been coated with a matt layer of black pigment. 

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