About us

Based in Ireland, Dar Sol  is a lifestyle brand with Eastern and Mediterranean influences which specialises in sourcing authentic, handmade and high quality pieces for the home. Dar means "house" or "land" in Arabic and Sol represents the universal term for sun; house of the sun. Our goods are all ethically sourced from the souqs of Arabia, to the villages of Provence, and beyond. 

With our passion for global crafts we seek to embrace traditional craftsmanship, bringing you authentic ceramics, leather poufs, rugs, photographic prints and other heirloom pieces for your home. We hope to create a boutique style shopping experience whereby many of our pieces are one offs, which we feel adds to their value. As all our stock is made by hand you can expect unique characteristics with each product you choose. 


We offer free shipping to our Irish customers with global shipping available upon request.


All of our shipments are sent out on Thursday of each week. You can expect to receive your order on the next day or the following week. 

*For all photographic prints please allow up to two weeks for delivery.